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Client Contract Form

Digicraft focuses to deal with our clients in a professional  way and aims to help our client’s business to flourish ahead. These term and conditions are only for us to save both of our times and maintain the integrity of our professional relation.

  • Every project we commit to requires a 50 % advance payment before which (we shall not start any work on your project/ we are not liable for anything regarding your project). The remaining 50 % to be paid at the time of completion after that we will deliver you final files.

  • The first feedback will be entertained free of cost however on the second feedback there will be 20% additionally charged and on the third feedback there will be 30% additionally charged from original project fee respectively, and after fourth feedback we will suspend your project & will not continue anymore and we are not liable to pay you advance payment.

  • Additional charges may apply for excessive changes made mid-project and/or incomplete content during the ‘project finalization’ meeting.

  • Digicraft will only reliable to provide source file only to you and your project manager and not to any other company or your printer.

  • Digicraft will not allow you to interact with any other employee of our company except business development manager and project manager.

  • Website template once chosen cannot be changed after that because it’s only a one-time purchase. If you are more likely interested in changing the template additional charges will be applied further.

  • We will develop the website in our demo link once approved, the project is completed, also the payment is done only then we will upload it on your domain link.

  • We will develop the Graphic Designing Services (i.e. Logo, Brand ID, Package Design, Art work, Catalog, Profile, and Menu Design) then give you Presentation once approved, the Design is completed, also the payment is done only then we will provide all type of files as discussed in the package.

  • If there is any delay from your side the project deadline will be changed and we will keep the new deadline.

  • We will provide you hosting server and for that you have to purchase it. If you have any other hosting server already then if there would be any issues you are responsible for that solely. Our team will not coordinate to your hosting server company.

  • Digicraft is liable to complete your due project within the given deadline if the following conditions are met.

  • The client must provide Digicraft with complete content/material to be working with on the day of finalization. The client must remain in coordination with Digicraft when contacted.

  • The client cannot change the plan given to Digicraft (otherwise additional charges will be applied)

Thank you!